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Finding Information on an Axsun OCT Product

Axsun's market leading SS-OCT laser engine and imaging products are available across a wide range of specifications, in several physical configurations, and with a variety of optional integrated system components such as K-clocks, high-speed data acquisition (DAQ) boards, balanced photoreceivers, motorized variable delay lines, and OCT interferometers.

Physical characteristics (e.g. dimensions, connectors, etc.), functional characteristics (e.g. features, workflows, software, etc.), and performance characteristics (e.g. spectral range, sweep rate, etc.) are often shared across Axsun product categories, necessitating a multi-dimensional approach to presenting technical information. The articles in this Knowledge Base are typically categorized by functionality or physical configuration; performance-related information is conveyed on individual laser test reports.

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OCT Product Configurations

Information applicable to all Axsun SS-OCT products is found in the Essential Information Guide.

Non-OCT Axsun Products

If you are looking for information on Axsun's non-SS-OCT products such as Optical Channel Monitors or NIR Spectroscopy Engines, please contact us at info@axsun.com.

For information on Excelitas products, please visit www.excelitas.com.

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