Contact Excelitas For Help

Excelitas fully supports its products and is happy to answer additional questions about Axsun products which are not addressed in this Knowledge Base.
If you are unable to find answers using the Search... tool or by browsing the Getting Started Guides, Reference Manuals, or How-To articles available in the table of contents on the left sidebar, please contact Excelitas technical support through your original sales contact or by submitting a support request HERE.
IMPORTANT: When contacting Excelitas with a technical support question about an Axsun product, please provide all of the following information to your best ability:
  • Your name, institution, and contact information
  • The month & year your system was purchased or originally installed
  • Your system serial number ("A" plus 8 numbers, usually on a silver decal stuck to your system)
  • The board firmware version (accessible via OCT Host GUI tool)
  • The AxsunOCTControl.dll version and OCTHost.exe version (if applicable)
  • Your operating system version
  • The connection interface being used (e.g. USB, Ethernet, RS-232)
  • General description of the environment where your product is operating (what are the temperature and humidity ? how is it mounted into your setup ?)
  • Detailed description of sequence undertaken to generate/replicate the error
  • Explanation of error frequency or repeatability
  • Screen captures or recordings as applicable (with reference settings on equipment such as oscilloscope part number, bandwidth and sampling frequency)
  • Source code excerpts (if your error occurs when integrating the Control or Capture API)
  • Any additional clues to assist with debug:
    • Have you made recent changes to your workflow, use case, or your PC hardware/software?
    • Has your OS reported any errors?
    • If you have other Axsun systems available to try, do they behave similarly?
    • If you are debugging an API problem, have you confirmed correct system behavior when using the corresponding GUI tool instead of the API?
Last modified 2mo ago