AxsunOCTControl_LW (light-weight)


AxsunOCTControl_LW is a cross-platform library that communicates with the microcontroller firmware running on Axsun OCT devices (i.e. Laser Engine, CameraLink DAQ, Ethernet/PCIe DAQ) through the Hardware Control Tool GUI (Windows only), or a custom client application integrating this AxsunOCTControl_LW API on Windows, macOS, or Linux.
Some basic user functions of the AxsunOCTControl_LW library (or simply the "Control_LW library") include:
  • Connect to Laser Engine and DAQ devices using USB
  • Enable & disable Laser emission
  • Set electronic K-clock delay
  • Configure Ethernet DAQ settings and operational modes
Some advanced user functions and field service functions of the Control_LW library include:
  • Connect to EDAQ using Ethernet (TCP/IP) or connect to Laser Engine using Serial/RS-232
  • Read & write FPGA registers to operate a DAQ
  • Read diagnostic parameters from a device for troubleshooting
  • Configure device power-on default settings
AxsunOCTControl_LW is written in C++ and exposes a "plain-old" C interface for client application integration. It requires the cross-platform and open-source libusb library to be installed for USB communication.

Relationship to other Axsun Libraries

AxsunOCTControl (not "LW")

AxsunOCTControl is an alternative to the AxsunOCTControl_LW library described in this reference document. AxsunOCTControl provides a similar set of user functions for Laser Engine operation, a more limited set of user functions for EDAQ operation, and a richer set of engineering-only functions for Axsun internal purposes. AxsunOCTControl also requires the Microsoft .NET environment and therefore does not support integration across OS platforms other than Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 10). It is also less convienient to integrate into projects coded in languages other than C# or those with straightforward .NET bindings.
AxsunOCTControl_LW and AxsunOCTControl are intended to be used instead of one another. Do not attempt to use both libraries concurrently (or open multiple GUI tools based on these libraries concurrently).


The AxsunOCTCapture library captures a high-bandwidth image stream from an Axsun Ethernet/PCIe DAQ board and provides additional image management and display functionality. It is intended to be used concurrently with AxsunOCTControl_LW for operating the Axsun Integrated Engine.
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