Using the Control_LW API

Installing Dependencies and Driver

If you plan to use the AxsunOCTControl_LW library for USB-based communication with an Axsun device, follow the installation steps below. RS-232 or Ethernet-based communication with Axsun devices do not require additional dependencies and the installation steps below can be skipped.


The AxsunOCTControl_LW library uses libusb for communication with devices connected via USB interface. libusb is often pre-installed on Linux distributions. If libusb is not already installed on your system, download and install the most recent available version for your platform from Github:


Windows OS users may need to download and install 7-zip to extract the *.7z archive downloadable from the libusb Github site. Once libusb is installed, the file libusb-1.0.dll will be present in your C:\Windows\System32 directory.


macOS users should use the Homebrew package manager with the Terminal command brew install libusb.

USB Device Driver (Windows OS only)

The Linux and macOS generic libusb-compatible device drivers are sufficient for communication with Axsun USB devices withouth additional configuration or installation. On Windows OS if you plan to connect devices via USB, you must install a USB device driver using Zadig.

  • Download Zadig, extract its .zip archive, and launch the executable:

  • Under the Options menu, check the List All Devices option:

  • When your Axsun device is powered-on and connected via USB, "Axsun OCT Engine" will show up in the list of available devices along with other USB devices plugged into your system. Select "Axsun OCT Engine":

NOTE: From the perspective of USB device drivers in Windows, a Laser Engine and a DAQ board USB device will both be titled "Axsun OCT Engine" since they use the same driver profile. If you are connecting both a Laser Engine and a DAQ via USB, this driver configuration process must be repeated for each board.

  • Select "libusb-win32 (v1.2.6.0)" from the list of available options to the right of the arrow icon, and then press the Downgrade Driver button.

  • Wait for the SUCCESS message and then close Zadig.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed the device driver and dependencies for communicating with your Axsun devices via the AxsunOCTControl_LW library. You can now incorporate this library into your client application via the C API or use the Hardware Control Tool to access library functionality in a convienient GUI form.