Integrated Engine (Laser & DAQ)

Includes the Ethernet DAQ and the PCIe DAQ configurations

The Axsun Integrated Engine enhances the Axsun SS-OCT Laser Engine with Balanced Photoreceivers, K-clock, and a Data Acquisition Board (DAQ), plus other optional OCT system components such as a Variable Delay Line (VDL) and OCT interferometer.

This Getting Started Guide covers the installation and basic operation of an Axsun Integrated Engine based on the Axsun Ethernet/PCIe DAQ. Instructions can be followed effectively without basic understanding of the DAQ and its associated host software architecture, however this Architecture & Interface Background section includes critical knowledge for users and system integrators planning to employ more than very basic Integrated Engine and DAQ functionality.

Additional information can be found in the SS-OCT Laser Engine Getting Started Guide, the SS-OCT Laser Engine Reference Manual and Ethernet/PCIe DAQ Board Reference Manual.

NOTE: For instructions on installing an Integrated Engine based on the Axsun Camera Link DAQ, use the SS-OCT Laser Engine Getting Started Guide and then refer to the CameraLink DAQ Board Reference Manual.

Delivery is Here!

Congratulations, your Axsun SS-OCT Integrated Laser Engine has been delivered! First inspect the packaging for external signs of damage. If there is any obvious physical damage, take photographs and request that the carrier's agent be present when the packaging is opened.

NOTE: Retain the shipping container and packing materials so that they may be reused if necessary.

Remove your Engine from its packaging and confirm that all components are present and not damaged. If a component is missing, notify Axsun. If a component appears damaged, notify Axsun and the carrier then follow the carrier's instructions for damage claims.

What's in the Box?

NOTE: For Integrated Engines with the DAQ board shipped as a physically separate item intended for PCIe installation, 2x USB cables and 2x SATA cables (~18" long each) are included.

Proceed to the next page in this guide describing Making Connections to your Axsun Integrated Engine.

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