Using the Interface Board

The Interface Board (AXS83695) converts the differential Sweep Trigger, K-Clock, and OCT Balanced Receiver outputs from SATA connectors into corresponding single-ended signals on SMA connectors for viewing on an oscilloscope. The Interface Board is also known as OCT Bulkhead PCB.

Making Connections

Below is a list of connections:

  • SATA cable 1 connects J1 on the Interface Board to J2 on the balanced receiver board (top board) for channel 1 & 2 balanced receiver signals.

  • SATA cable 2 connects J2 on the Interface Board to J2 on the laser board (bottom board) for trigger and k clock signals.

Do NOT connect/disconnect SATA cables while any of the boards are powered. Failing to do this may result in damage to the boards. Always connect the SATA cables before powering up the boards.

  • P3 on DC power cable connects to J4 OR J5 on the Interface Board.

  • P1 OR P2 on DC power cable connects to J3 on the laser engine board.

Output Signals


The interface board can be mounted using the SMA connectors.

Make sure to place round Nylon spacers (¼ inch inner diameter) between the board and the mounting plate.

Use the gold plated lock and nut supplied on each SMA connector.

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