Ethernet/PCIe DAQ Board

This reference manual describes hardware and software architectures and interfaces, basic operation, advanced features, and troubleshooting for the Axsun Ethernet/PCIe Data Acquisition (DAQ) Board.

Performance specifications and other quantitative characteristics of the Ethernet/PCIe DAQ Board hardware can be found online in its datasheet.

The Axsun Ethernet/PCIe DAQ Board is an integral component of the Axsun Integrated Engine, which also includes a SS-OCT Laser, K-clock, Balanced Photoreceivers, and other optional components. Detailed information for these other components in the Axsun Integrated Engine are found in related documentation accessible from the Table of Contents in the left sidebar.

NOTE: The information in this document is relevant only to the Axsun Ethernet/PCIe DAQ Board, not the Axsun CameraLink DAQ Board.

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