SS-OCT Laser Engine

The Axsun Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomography (SS-OCT) Laser is based on Axsun Technologies' optical integration platform and patented MEMS tunable optical filter. Axsun SS-OCT laser products are supplied as an SS-OCT Laser Engine consisting of the laser module as well as required driver electronics, power supply, thermal management, cabling and other accessories, and software.

This reference manual describes environmental requirements, hardware interfaces, basic and advanced features, and troubleshooting for the Axsun SS-OCT Laser Engine.

Performance specifications and other quantitative characteristics of the SS-OCT Laser Engine can be found online in its datasheet or in the individual test reports shipped with each laser engine.

Physical Configurations

The Axsun SS-OCT Laser Engine is available in several physical configurations: Azmyth OEM, Benchtop (with enclosure), Standard OEM (with or without EMI shield), or Small Form Factor OEM (SFF). Configuration-specific details in this online reference manual are provided in a tabbed format as shown here:

NOTE: some product options and features are not available for all physical configurations. Contact Axsun sales for more information on the options available with each physical configuration.

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