Laser Accessories

AC/DC Power Adapter and AC Power Cord

Below are the summary specs of the AC/DC power adapter (AXS83605-2) and the North American power cord (AXS83369) which connects it to mains power.


Input Range

80-264 Vac


47-63 Hz

Inrush current

40 A MAX @ 264 Vac

Input current

1.2 A rms @ 115 Vac; < 0.25 A @ 230 Vac

Operating Temperature

0°C TO 60°C, DERATE POWER BY 1.5% PER °C 40° C TO 60°C

Storage Temperature

-40 °C to +85 °C



Output Voltage

12 VDC

Output Power

40 W continuous, see temp derating

Initial Accuracy

+/- 2%

Start up Delay

1 sec max

Ripple and Noise

120 mV Pk-Pk

Circular Connector


Power Adapter Weight

0.21 Kg or 7 ounces

Power Cord Weight

0.25 Kg or 8.5 ounces

Power "Y" Cable

The Power "Y" Cable (AXA10987) is provided with Standard OEM, Small Form Factor OEM, and Integrated Engines. The Power "Y" Cable connects power input receptacles on Engine (laser driver) or DAQ circuit boards to the 12 VDC output of the AC/DC power adapter. Connectors P1 and P2 are interchangeable (2x3 pin configuration).

  • P1 or P2 connects to a Engine (i.e. laser driver) board.

  • P1 or P2 connects to a DAQ board (optional) or is left disconnected.

  • P3 connects to the Interface Board.

USB Cable

Single Mode Fiber Optic Patch Cable

An FC/APC - FC/APC single mode fiber patch cable is included with Engines in the Benchtop Enclosure configuration. It connects the laser output from the enclosure's FC/APC bulkhead adapter to the user's external optical components. The fiber type depends on the spectral region of the individual laser.

NOTE: Before optical fiber connections are made, perform fiber endface inspection (and clean if necessary) per industry standards.

NOTE: Always use the same fiber patch cable provided with the Engine (i.e. avoid swapping with other patch cables) to minimize insertion loss at the FC/APC bulkhead adapter.

WARNING: Stop laser emission prior to making or breaking fiber optic connections. This is especially important for lasers in the 1060 nm spectral range which use smaller fiber core diameters that are succeptible to endface damage when exposed to high power densities.

Interface Board

OEM configurations include a small printed circuit board (AXS83695) for converting the differential Sweep Trigger, K-Clock, and OCT Balanced Receiver outputs on SATA connectors into corresponding single-ended signals on SMA connectors for viewing on an oscilloscope or digitizer. More information on connecting the Interface Board can be found here. It is not required for basic laser operation.

SATA Cables

A SATA cable, 8 inches long, is provided to connect the laser engine board to the interface board for observing trigger and clock signals.

Variable Delay Line

A motorized Variable Delay Line (AXS84135-1/- 2/ -3 and AXS85009-1/ -2/-3) is an optional accessory that can be operated by the Axsun laser engine board. The VDL can be either for 1310 nm or for 1060 nm. It can be connectorized with FC/APC, SC/APC or LC/APC connectors with a 35 cm total exposed fiber length. The total optical path length, at 7.5 mm motor position (middle of travel range), is reported on each VDL's test report.

Software and User Documentation

Software media and documentation may not be physically included with your Engine. Please visit the Software Downloads page for up-to-date software. Manuals and other documentation are available from the links on the left sidebar of this Knowledge Base.

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